i'm stuck in a tornado.

this always happens to me.

in attempt to not be bored, i stretch myself so thin by being involved with an unreasonable amount of things all at once, and then i just hope that i’ll drop dead so i can rest for a minute.

here’s what’s up:
+ school, obviously. had to write my first of seven book reviews for my contemporary fiction class in the span of two days. so difficult! i think the tone of the review is going to come off as very flip, because i don’t know what kind of voice to use if it’s not a scholarly paper (which is basically all i write) so i just revert to my actual voice. we’ll see how that one goes. i also have to write a response to some historic document or other for my ucor class, and i just really don’t care about it, so that’s going to be a hard one to start.

+ internship. it’s going really well and i’m enjoying it, but it’s hard not to imagine how much schoolwork i could be getting done in the ten hours a week i intern at IMAGE. i love the job so far, though: yesterday, i got to sweep the kitchen floor so that it was clean when they had a guest come (and was subsequently called cinderella by everyone for the rest of the day), and i helped mr. wolfe unpack his (millions of) books and then alphabetized them… which was like heaven for me, because i alphabetize/re-organize my books for fun in my free time. so nerdy.

+ lingua! the budget hasn’t even been approved yet, but we’ve already decided how a lot of it is going to be spent once it has. there’s a big film fest that lingua is helping put on in two weeks, and i just met with some people yesterday to talk about how we’re going to advertise and such. my part in that is making an event on facebook and sending an epic e-mail to all the people who have expressed at least some interest in getting involved with lingua. beyond that, we’re planning two events for this quarter, an open-mic night and an art party, so we’re trying to reserve a place on campus to have both of those at. and beyond that, i spent all of yesterday (when i should have been doing my homework) building a website for lingua. it’s still in a work in process, but you can check it out here.

+ and i’m getting sick. not good. i was going to go to a friend’s housewarming party last night, but i felt so much pressure in my sinuses that i couldn’t even see straight, so i decided to forego and pass out in my bed instead.


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