i live in a neighborhood of assholes.

okay, here’s the backstory:
our neighbors hate us because we’re college kids and pick on us unnecessarily. the lady (we’ll call her bitchface) two houses down has a business she runs out of her home, so she doesn’t want us parking in front of her house. the two houses across the street from us on the corner (we’ll call them assclown and assface) have complained to our landlord that they don’t want us to park in front of their house, because they simply don’t like seeing our cars when they look out their front windows. assclown approached jennie and got all up in her grill, and told her that if our cars were parked in front of his house, he would have us towed. welcome to the neighborhood.

all this being said, they can’t have us towed unless our cars are parked unattended for 72+ hours, and the whole neighborhood is open street parking, which means that, legally, we can park anywhere.

we had a chat with our landlord, and he told us that we didn’t want to make enemies with assface and assclown, so we’ve been making a real effort to not park in front of their houses. in trying to be accomodating to them, i guess i accidentally parked in front of bitchface’s house, for a total of six-or-so hours. obviously a major offense. seriously, there’s so many houses that i’m not supposed to park in front of, i kind of lose track. i see a note on my windshield this morning that says “i think you have an agreement with your landlord to not park in front of my house. possibly he wasn’t clear with you — i’ll give him a call and ask him to reclarify his request/agreement.” bitchface didn’t even sign her name to this extremely mature and not at all passive aggressive note. but really, i’m glad we’re handling this in an adult way and not like middle-schoolers.

gahhhhh… just make it through december, kendall.


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