debate, shmebate.

i have to say, i didn’t particularly care for the town-hall format of the debates tonight.

another thing i don’t care for is mccain’s personal attacks on obama, the way he referred to obama as “that one” (unwittingly using language typically associated with the idea of “the other”), the way he interrupted obama throughout, and his uncalled-for jab at the moderator tom brokaw. to me, mccain looked entirely desperate, and i think the above comments about his behavior legitimize my claim… his behavior shows that he’s clamoring for attention and support and that he’s losing steam. i had heard that mccain is really good in these town-hall type settings, but i was unimpressed tonight… i thought he did better in the first debate. obama, ever the cool-calm-collected fellow, was the clear winner in my mind. i guess i have a slight bias, though.

best part of the debate: when brokaw told mccain to get out of his way because he was blocking his teleprompter (in so many words). classic.


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