oh, great.

so the $700 billion bailout plan was approved by senate and is moving on to the house to be voted on.

let me tell you why this is balls:

for one thing, just on principle alone, this whole bailout is moronic… what is it teaching people? that these companies, that have been unwise and corrupt with other people’s money, don’t have to take any responsibility or be held accountable for their actions; they essentially receive a get-out-of-jail-free card… no pun intended. for the youth, the generation of instant gratification, i don’t think this is the best message to be sending.

second, these crashes in the economy are natural and necessary, on top of being burdensome and annoying. i don’t know hardly anything about wall street, but from the people i’ve talked to who do know something about it, the impression i get is that when big companies and/or the stock market crash and burn like they’re doing, it’s because something is intensely awry. when things become corrupt or take a turn for the worse, the way to remedy the situation is to let it run its course, let it crash so that the bad can be filtered out before it tries to resume and carry on. like the phoenix… rise from the ashes of itself. yeah? yes. so i feel the appropriate thing for the government to do in this situation is to let the fannies and freddies and big banks really feel the weight of what this all means, let them die, and let them rebuild themselves fresh.

i can’t wait for the veep debates tomorrow. i’m giddy with anticipation.

on a musical note (haha), paige and i were listening to thao and the get-down stay-down the other day, and she was gushing about how cute thao’s lyrics are and how she’s like a female isaac brock from modest mouse. i find this to be an adorable statement, and also a fairly accurate description… her vocals, at least sylistically, are uncannily similar at times to brock’s.

modest mouse – paper thin walls.mp3
thao – swimming pools.mp3



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