everyone. everything. everywhere. ends.

i finally finished watching all five seasons of ‘six feet under.’


for those who haven’t watched it, i would highly recommend that you rent it / become obsessed with it immediately. this show, very quietly, speaks volumes about death, relationships, youth, family and communication. i was seriously weeping by the time i got to the last episode because i was so emotionally invested in all of the characters and felt heartbroken when they were hurting and overjoyed when things went right for them. often times when i watch tv shows, i remind myself to be conscious of the actors acting, but in ‘six feet under’ i just lose myself in it and it’s hard to imagine that these characters i feel like i know so well are just actors acting. alan ball, who produced ‘american beauty,’ also created and wrote most of this show, so if you know anything about him, you know that the writing is crazy and oft-inappropriate, but absolutely brilliant and real.

here are some songs that have appeared on the show:

arcde fire – cold wind.mp3
imogen heap – lonely little petunia.mp3
death cab for cutie – transatlanticism.mp3
sia – breathe me.mp3


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