yesterday was a very good day.

look what i got!

a book of leonard cohen’s poetry! paige took me to half-price books, and true to form, i couldn’t resist buying something even though i bought eleven books from another hpb earlier in the day. it was six dollars, which is more than i would ever allow myself to spend at hpb, but it was leonard, so i had to.

leonard cohen – so long, marianne.mp3

new jenny lewis album! i love her so much that i actually bought it… it’s the first cd i’ve paid for in over a year. and it was well worth it: she duets with elvis costello on “carpetbaggers” and with chris robinson on “the next messiah,” and zooey deschanel sings backup on a handful of songs. and of course jenny is amazing. it’s a departure from ‘rabbit fur coat’… it’s obviously sans the watson twins, but it’s also a little grittier alt-country in parts, with a few beautiful heart-wrenching ballad-esque songs weaved in. basically, i dig it.

jenny lewis – jack killed mom.mp3
jenny lewis – godspeed.mp3
jenny lewis – the next messiah.mp3


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