oh. my. goodness.

last night was utter madness. and i loved it! i attended one of the best (and craziest) shows i’ve ever been to.

gaaaah, so amazing! paige and i were going to skip the opening act since we were mainly there to see tilly & the wall, but i’m so glad we didn’t. the fellas had their faces painted as they do in the above picture, and the lead singer’s fu-manchu was beyond sexy. he came out wearing high-waisted, skin-tight black pants and a leopard print sleeveless shirt and a leather jacket that spelled out “boy” on the back. their songs were so hilarious and yet danceable at the same time, and they had a projector screen set up that played some fantastic visuals. the lead singer was a riot: at one point he was screaming and then spit a little and drooled all over his microphone, and a few songs later, he said to the crowd “take some pictures or something… i know you guys have cameras!” love it.
(ps. the pronunciation of ssion is “shun,” like a suffix. kind of confused me for a second.)

ssion – bullshit.mp3
ssion – warm glove.mp3
ssion – street jizz.mp3

amazing, as always. when they were setting up, neely passed out candy to the people in the front row, and threw out a bunch of blown-up balloons into the crowd to keep us all entertained. so considerate. the guys came out in long wigs, and the girls were dressed in wild clothes as usual. jamie presnall’s tapping was impeccable, and i noticed that she cut all her hair off. they played a lot of songs from the new album, and between every song, derek presnall would yell “seaaaaaaaatle!” paige and i danced so hard… we were both drenched in sweat afterwards. when they were done playing, i went to their merch booth to buy a poster, and i was gushing to the merch guy how much i loved tilly & the wall, and how i danced so hard that people around me probably thought i was on drugs. his response? “fuck ’em.” exactly.

tilly & the wall – dust me off.mp3
tilly & the wall – poor man’s ice cream.mp3
tilly & the wall – nights of the living dead.mp3

by the time css went on, paige and i were so dehydrated that we felt like we were going to pass out any minute, but we did stay for the first three songs… and luckily for me, they were my three favorite css songs. i’ve see some wild photos of the lead singer, lovefoxxx, in spin magazine, so i really wanted to see what kind of crazy get-up she would be wearing. when css came on, lovefoxxx bounded onto the stage in a giant hooded coat that looked like it was made of shiny metallic confetti. it made her look like a giant bear. she pulled her hood off when she started singing, and she had a gorgeous pseudo-beehive that i was very jealous of, and from the distance i was standing at, she looked like a brazilian maggie gyllenhal. after the first song, lovefoxx shed the bear coat and emerged wearing a sparkly unitard with a sash of huge colorful flowers. she was so adorable.

css – jager yoga.mp3
css – meeting paris hilton.mp3
css – this month, day 10.mp3


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