“burn after reading” was kind of a let down. it started out really slow, and all of the funniest parts were put in the trailers. not a bad movie, but not the coen brothers’ best work.

although, brad pitt was pretty hilarious.
he makes a decent movie every once in a while.

lots of good previews though! i’m very excited to see the oliver stone film on george w. bush, aptly entitled “w.” (and the tagline is “a life misunderestimated”… brilliant!), and the harvey milk biopic, inconspicuously titled “milk,” with sean penn as the title character. with gus van sant as director, you can’t go wrong.

ps. watched john mccain on “the view”… it was almost painful. those ladies were merciless, especially bawbwa wa-wa. they basically ripped him a new asshole.


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