crush of the week, year, millenium, etc.


i don’t think i could be any more smitten with keith olbermann. he’s smart, he’s sassy, his penchant for purple ties always leaves him looking impeccably dressed; in other words, he’s perfect for me. he may be the same age as my father, but i was so ready to lay the smackdown on msnbc in the form of a very nasty e-mail when i read that neither he nor chris matthews were going to be anchoring the presidential debates. my next line of action was going to be to mass-produce t-shirts emblazoned with his handsome face and the words “free olbermann!”, but then i read on that he was okay with this decision, and that quelled my anger a little. i will fight anyone for you, keith… ANYONE!

it was a banner night in television for this lady tonight: keith interviewed obama, rachel maddow’s new show premiered, and my guiltiest of guilty pleasures, ‘the hills’, turned out to be a big lauren-audrina-cryfest. and i got to watch all of this over the sound of my mom drilling holes in our window frames to put up new blinds. excellent. i had to raise my voice a couple times to tell her that no drilling could take place while keith was talking.

ps. my dad was watching ‘countdown’ with me, and a commercial came on for chesapeake, the natural gas company, and i made fun of the guy on the commercial because his name was aubrey. my dad hadn’t been paying attention to the commercial up until this point, and he asked me if the guy’s last name was mcclendon; aubrey came back on the screen, and my usually mild-mannered father yells at the tv “that’s the owner of the seattle sonics that made them move to oklahoma!” and then flips him the double bird. my mother was appalled, and i have never been prouder.


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