thoughts on the rnc:

i noticed a few differences between the dnc and the rnc, namely the sheer quantity of cowboy hats at the rnc. maybe that’s just because there were a lot of texas delegates? i don’t know. but something else that was really disappointing was how personal the republicans’ attacks on obama’s camp were; at the dnc, no one failed to give mccain his props where he deserved them and praise him for being a hero, but the rnc was just like a giant smear-obama-fest. and the attacks extended beyond his inexperience, which is where the line of appropriateness should be drawn. seriously, could rudy giuliani be any more of a dick? “now is not the time for on the job training,” he says. has john mccain had any more experience in an executive position than obama has? oh yeah, military leadership… which was more than thirty years ago. i remain unconvinced.

i was thoroughly unimpressed by sarah palin. honestly, i really want to like her because she’s adorable and she’s a woman, but i just can’t bring myself to like her after seeing her speech on wednesday. i thought she was a bitch and i didn’t like the way she scrunched her nose when she was saying something especially nasty about obama, or the way she lied about obama’s economic and foreign policy plans, and about her own experience. and i’m getting really sick of the republicans pulling the sexism card in regards to palin… such a cop out. no one, democrat, republican or otherwise, would throw hillary a bone when she was trying to secure the democratic nomination; in fact, i seem to remember a lot of people saying that if hillary couldn’t run with the big boys, then she wasn’t a viable option. hillary is a million times tougher and more capable in my mind than palin, so i think it’s bullshit that her camp is trying to get her to be treated more delicately by the press simply because she’s a woman.

i think john mccain is a darling man. i look upon him with the same fondness and tenderness that i would look upon my grandfather; he blinks a lot (and plays it off like a wink every once in a while) and he can’t raise his arms to even a ninety-degree angle, and i think it’s adorable. and it’s so cute how he smiles real big after every statement he says. AND he is truly an american hero, and no one could ever say that his story isn’t inspirational or that he doesn’t love his country.

but that doesn’t mean he’s qualified to be president.

for one thing, as much as he’s trying to convince people that he and palin are the “real” change agents, all of his policy plans are basically carbon copies of bush’s failed ones that have put our economy in the crapper and wasted the lives of so many young people in iraq. noooooo stank you. on top of all that, mccain is old. really old. dude remembers pearl harbor! seriously, it’s entirely possible that he wouldn’t even last the first year of his hypothetical presidency, and then we’d be stuck with crazy lipstick-wearing-pitbull palin for three years. again, nooooo stank you.

the best part of the rnc was cindy mccain’s and laura bush’s speeches… so awkward. michelle obama definitely has them beat on being a compelling public speaker.

ps. i saw some footage of mccain and palin campaigning in michigan, and cindy was standing in the background… and though her hand cast didn’t make an appearance at the convention, it was back in full force in michigan. she’s probably worried that someone will squeeze her hand too hard again?


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