really, john mccain? really?

so i’ve been thinking about this sarah-palin-as-v.p.-nominee situation.

at first i thought it was kind of an ingenius move on john mccain’s part, to pick a woman that would potentially garner him hillary clinton’s votes… but that was a short-lived thought. now i’m just offended on behalf of all the people who considered (or who are still considering) voting for him.

john, there are a lot of dumb people in the u.s. who will vote for any woman, no matter who she is, but do you really think that the intelligent among clinton’s constituents would find sarah palin an equal to the brilliant and incomparable hillary? and happy 72nd birthday yesterday, by the way, but do you think no one has thought about the high chance of you dying while in office (if you were fortunate enough to get elected) and that sarah palin does not have near the experience to step in as president if you kick the bucket? huh?

i will say, however, that sarah palin is pretty cutesy. i don’t think that will work in your favor, though.


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