oh my god, whatever, etc.

so i went to church with my mom tonight, and her pastor told a little anecdote about how he had just returned from seattle, and that seattle is the u.s. city that has the least amount of people who attend church.

this makes sense to me… maybe because i’m one of those people that live in seattle and don’t attend church. i know a lot of spiritual/spiritually-minded people that live in seattle, but none of them seem too keen on going to church… not that they deny that church is important or necessary, just that they don’t want to go themselves. in theory, church is good. people ruin it. this is a generalization probably, but seattle-ites appear to me to be very intuitive when it comes to human interaction, and very sensitive to insincerity. and to make another broad generalization, there are a lot of “christians” who are performers, and who give genuine christians a bad name and leave a bad taste in non-christians’ mouths. in my recent church-going experiences, it all just feels pretty fake to me, like a show is being put on to disguise things/people that aren’t palatable. and singing worship songs is empty for me because the words are not real to me, even though every time i’m in a church i pray to God that the words will be real to me. maybe i’m just a pessimist.

i also read somewhere that seattle has the highest percentage of people who hold advanced degrees, making it the smartest city in the u.s.

maybe there’s a correlation between these two statistics?


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